Running Room

Running Room

The Running Room is proudly a family-owned company. It originated in 1984 out of founder John Stanton’s wish to purchase quality running shoes from someone knowledgeable about the sport. New to the sport of running, John had a thirst for knowledge as well as a desire to buy the right product. This entrepreneurial retailer decided to fill a niche in the marketplace by opening a small one-room store in the renovated living room of an old house in Edmonton, hence the name, “Running Room.” The concept was highly successful, and the stores have since expanded to over 114 locations across Canada and the United States.

Running Room’s reputation has been built upon product innovation, quality and knowledge of the sport of running. Running Room’s unique private label assortment was developed to provide customers with the best in style, functionality and fabric innovations at a reasonable price.

The Running Room is truly a store for runners by runners. All team members are runners whose philosophy is that if you’re out there running on the same roads as the customers, you can better relate to them.

In addition to the best selection of top brand-name running shoes and apparel at the Running Room, you will find an incredible number of customer services. It offers training programs such as Walking, Learn to Run, 5K Training, Marathon and Half Marathon training, 10K Training and For Women Only Running. With over 800,000 training program graduates to date, the success of these programs is evident. The Running Room training programs are committed to educating customers on a lifestyle of fitness. These various programs meet the needs of a wide variety of customers, ranging from those who are just getting into a fitness routine to those contemplating a marathon. Running Room’s free Run Club meets twice weekly on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings where runners of all levels run in a social, supportive group. This social component brought to running by the Running Room builds a true sense of community in each location.

Communicating with its customers via its in-store team, its website, Running Room Magazine, forums, Twitter and Facebook keeps the company agile and innovative.

The opening of the Walking Room expanded the goal of the Running Room to be as inclusive as possible while delivering its active living message. The Running Room carries national brands like Adidas, Asics, Nike, New Balance and Saucony, as well as the Running Room’s private label line of apparel. Running Room Fit-Wear® and Walk Fit-Wear® are designed and tested to perform under the extreme weather conditions faced by North Americans.

John’s sons were the catalysts who inspired John to run and found the Running Room. The Running Room has been here for 30 years. John Jr., and Jason have been partners for seven years.