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Meet Incandescent. New Look, New Name. Same great clothing and amazing staff! As always we are committed to bringing the latest trends in boutique fashion to ladies size 4 to 24. We believe that women of different shapes and sizes should be able to have an unparalleled shopping experience and find outfits that match their own personal style.

Last year I walked by a traditionally straight size store and saw a sign advertising that they carried plus-size clothing. I was so enthralled. Their clothing was cute, some of the cuts fit great and I picked up some fabulous items. I told everyone who asked where I got my new threads and shared the knowledge with my curvy girl friends. Like me they also didn’t know that this store carried plus size. A few months later I went in to try on a fabulous red dress I saw on their website and much to my dismay the plus-size section was reduced to only clearance items. I asked the manager what was up and she told me that the plus size selection was only available online. I HAD A MELT DOWN. I was just short of yelling. I asked her if she had any idea how hard it was to shop for clothing as a fat lady. She told me I should be kinder to myself and again told me about their website. I had a good laugh. As large or as small as I have ever been shopping with a large bottom and thick thighs is tough. I have never not loved myself, though I do have a nefarious relationship with my scale that causes her to stay hidden in the bathroom closet.

The experience with losing a place to shop was a turning point for me. I have been talking about owning my own business. This was my chance to take action and do something I knew I would love with no regrets. A few days later I was out for lunch with one of my life long friends. On the way back to her car she asked me how my job hunt was going and when was I ever going to land that job as an academic. I shrugged (because everyone kept telling me to do something with my education) and said I was not sure it was in the cards. I really wanted to do my own thing. I told her that I wanted to open a plus-size clothing boutique in Halifax. A gentleman stopped in his tracks and turned around and said “You should totally do that! There are no options out there for big women.” #truth It was so encouraging to have a complete stranger encouraging me to move forward with my plan. My friend looked at my and said you should go for it!  And so, I did.

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