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    Ice Patch Hollow

    After years of dreaming about bringing his characters to life, local children’s author Brian Hiltz has opened Ice Patch Hollow Indoor Playground in Sunnyside Mall in Bedford. Ice Patch Hollow has its own entrance right next to Shoppers Drug Mart on the opposite side of Pete’s Frootique.

    The Ice Patch Hollow play space is created from the characters and settings of his two books, “Joey the Penguin”  and “Preston Goes Green.”

    “Joey the Penguin” is a story about a penguin who wants to play baseball in the Antarctic, even though all of his friends said that he couldn’t.  He followed his dream, believed in himself and through hard work and positive thinking he was able to make his dream of playing baseball a reality.  At the same time he was able to help his friends believe in themselves and follow their own goals through positive thinking and perseverance.

    “Preston Goes Green” is a story about a polar bear that visits the Antarctic while on vacation, hangs out with the Ice Patch Gang and through the help of his friends, he was helpful in teaching the humans about saving our planet and instructing them on the three R’s of going green.  That is to  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  The books ends with the Ice Patch gang celebrating with a  traditional game of hockey.

    Joey the Penguin, Preston the Polar Bear, Squeedo the Squid and the rest of the Ice Patch Gang invite you to come and have fun at their icy little village of Ice Patch Hollow where you can come for the day or schedule a birthday party and parents can sit on their comfy couches, enjoy a delicious hot beverage and take advantage of free wifi. Check for updates on the Ice Patch Hollow Facebook page where you will be able to check their progress as we get closer to the date. They will have all kinds of play equipment, slides, ball shooters, an interactive game floor, a toddlers section and much much more. The two books, “Joey the Penguin”  and “Preston Goes Green”  will be for sale on the premises.

    The Ice Patch Gang can’t wait to see you!