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Ice Patch Hollow

Ice Patch Hollow

Ice Patch Hollow Indoor playground is a play space that was designed by a local parent for parents that is committed to the SAFEST CLEANEST environment for their children! Ice Patch Hollow is committed to the highest standards in the Industry, and treats your family like their own.

After years of struggling with ADHD, and Tourettes Syndrome, author Brian Hiltz decided that he would follow his dreams, pursue his own happiness, leave his unfulfilling job in the I.T industry and create a world that originated from two children’s books that he wrote and self published. The characters of Ice Patch Hollow are all special and have their own life lessons that they need to learn. Come visit us and take your own journey!

Check for updates on the Ice Patch Hollow Facebook page at where you can keep up to date with future events and specials! Ice Patch Hollow has all kinds of play equipment, slides, ball shooters, an interactive game floor, a toddlers section and much much more. Our Mascots, Joey the Penguin, Edna the Octopus, Preston the Polar Bear and Squeedo the Squid show up regularly to dance and hang out with everyone at the playground! You never know who you will see when you get here! The two books, entitled “Joey the Penguin” and “Preston Goes Green” are for sale on the premises.

Get your signed copy today!

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