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    Hair Club

    For more than 40 years, Hair Club has researched everything there is to know about hair loss. And we’ve worked with the latest technologies to develop proven hair loss solutions that work for anyone, no matter their age, hair type or level of hair loss. But of all our accomplishments over the last four decades, there’s one thing we’re most proud of—showing our clients just how much we care about them.

    Hair Club has helped more than 600,000 men and women restore their hair, changing the way they experience life. We’ve built our company on these successful transformations. They’re part of our history. Now, it’s your turn to be part of Hair Club history. If you’re ready to live life to the fullest, we can help.

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    RBC Building
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    Rooftop parking is open above Pete’s and there are over 200 parking spots available for customers everyday!