Comfort Orthotics & Podiatry Clinic

Comfort Orthotics & Podiatry Clinic

Comfort Orthotics & Podiatry Clinic is now on the main level, next to the elevators! Come see their beautiful, more accessible new location.

A genuine desire to help patients and dedication to this profession is the foundation on which our clinic is based. Our team of certified pedorthists, podiatrist and shoe fitters will be with you every step of the way.” Tom Shebib, Certified Pedorthist (owner)

The Comfort Orthotics team is trained to provide clients with both a professional and an educational approach to foot comfort. With podiatry services, custom made arch supports “orthotics” and the proper fitting shoes you will be taking a step in the right direction. Clients have come to enjoy the value and overall experience they receive at Comfort Orthotics & Podiatry Clinic. We have been building orthotics since 1997 and have over 20,000 clients walking comfortably.

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Phone: 902-835-7463